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Royal Charters

We have acted for three leading chartered bodies for almost a century, evidence of our long-standing client relationships.

We understand the complexity and nuances involved in these particular organisations, and our extensive experience positions us well to provide timely and relevant advice.

We represent a variety of clients, ranging from livery companies, sport and professional bodies to defence, education and medical charities. Many of these organisations are very old and well known, but all are keen to ensure that they have a modern and appropriate governance and structure, while continuing to retain their historical character and identity.

Our expertise extends to petitioning for new or supplemental charters, advising on process and documentation, assisting with the obtaining of regulatory and other consents as well as advising on and drafting amendments to charters, byelaws, statutes, rules, regulations and ordinances, and the accompanying resolutions which need to be passed by the relevant trustees and members.