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Charities & Not for Profit

Charities and not for profit organisations are under increasing pressure from stakeholders to act professionally in a commercial way.

If you’re running a charity, you’re dealing with everything any other business must contend with in a rapidly changing regulatory and legislative environment. Our role is to remove the obstacles in your path, supporting you so that you can help your beneficiaries in the best way possible.

Why work with us?

It makes sense to work with a dedicated team that specialises in all areas of charity law and we offer in-depth in-house expertise across a wide range of disciplines. We advise on  technical and practical expertise across all the legal disciplines a charity might need; enabling us to assist you with the challenges of funding and fundraising, data protection, trading, governance, staffing, pensions and property, not to mention other issues which come from operating within a highly regulated sector, such as dealing with the Charity Commission, the Fundraising Regulator and the Information Commissioner’s Office.

We form long-term partnerships with our clients and have developed a deep affinity for the sector, with its rewards, pitfalls, personality and politics. This allows us to look at several sides of an issue, and to help you manage complex issues and relationships.

We work with all charities and not for profits

Charities come in all shapes and sizes: variety is part of the beauty of the sector and our dedicated team has a wealth of expertise and personal experience within the sector to help you achieve the best outcome for your beneficiaries.

Whether your organisation is a charitable trust, charitable incorporated organisation, company limited by guarantee, royal charter company or community benefit society we know your strengths and limits and can help you to grow and evolve.

Videos: Current Issues for the Charities and Not-for-profit sector

Please select a clip below to find out more about a particular issue, or view the full video here.