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Art & Luxury

The art and luxury world is constantly evolving and its church forever broadens, welcoming profound cultural property from the Neolithic period through to luxury vintage couture such as Hermès Birkin bags.

We help collectors, creators and curators protect the value of the objects they love. Whether it involves art, classic cars, wine, yachts, musical instruments, watches and jewellery or other luxury collectables, our international and world-recognised team of experts in this highly specialist field understands the challenges and opportunities you face.

With offices in the creative and commercial hubs of London, Paris and Hong Kong as well as the private wealth centres of Switzerland, Luxembourg and the Middle East, we have been advising our clients in this area for over 100 years, always looking to use that depth of knowledge and expertise to your advantage.

We count ourselves incredibly fortunate to be able to boast unrivalled top tier experience across our international offices responding to clients’ issues ranging from complex multi-border art litigation through to the increased monetisation of these luxury assets either as investments or financial commodities. 

Whether resolving a dispute, closing the deal or planning for future generations, we understand the sensitivities these passion assets can provoke and we want to help you navigate this tricky and increasingly regulated terrain.