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    Discovery on Demand

Introducing Discovery on Demand, our secure and cost efficient solution for managing and reviewing electronic documents.

We know how important it is at the outset of a matter to identify the key documents to help assess the merits of your case and develop a successful strategy. It is just as important that this is done in a cost effective and time efficient way.

With this in mind, we have collaborated with Grant Thornton’s Digital Forensics Group to offer Discovery on Demand. This service has been designed to manage initial data sets in a way that not only saves time and cost but allows us to quickly evaluate the content of those data sets and advise you accordingly. The platform facilitates collaboration between us, you, your counsel and any other key parties on the review process, generating document bundles to assist with this.

Our bespoke workspace on the established Relativity document review platform preserves data security and ensures that any data set can seamlessly transition into an electronic disclosure project utilising the latest analytics should your case reach that stage.

Key features and benefits of Discovery on Demand:

  • Secure. We can manage the collection, processing and management of your data in a forensically secure way.
  • Bespoke. We have developed the search and review functions of the service based on our extensive experience in managing electronic document review and what we know works best.
  • Strategic. The service allows us quickly to identify the key documents to help inform case strategy.
  • Cost and time saving. The efficiencies built into the platform ensure that the process is speedy and efficient, using competitive rates.
  • Efficient. Streamlines the document review process with key project management features such as data visualisation dashboards.
  • Primed. Should your case advance to disclosure, we can ensure that your data is ready for fast transition to an electronic disclosure project with built-in advanced analytics.

For more information on Discovery on Demand, please get in contact with Charlotte Pender or Simon Heatley.


Discovery on Demand

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