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We are looking for talented individuals who are aligned with our values of being Authentic, Collaborative, Committed and Forward Looking, helping us to unlock and grow value for our clients.  

The below information sets out our application process and see more details at what we look for at each stage on our ‘What do we look for?’ page.

Stage 1 – Application Form

You’ll submit an application form through our Rare Candid portal. Please complete your application form in English. 

We look for graduate candidates to achieve ideally a minimum of a 2.1 (or equivalent) in their degree, but we also look at the full application form and any mitigating circumstances alongside this. Please give details of your language skills in the appropriate part of the form.  

As part of your application form, you’ll explore your motivations for a legal career and why you are applying to us as a firm. We are also keen for you to showcase how you align with our values of being Authentic, Collaborative, Committed and Forward Looking. You can see more about our values here.  

If you have mitigating circumstances or require any potential adjustments during the process, we encourage you to add details of these so we can take this into account or if you’d rather speak to someone about your specific circumstances, we’d be happy for you to get in touch with us. 

Stage 2 – Video Interview

If you are successful, you’ll be invited to complete a video interview in English where you’ll see the question appear on your screen and be given time to prepare before recording your answer. We have practice interviews you can do through the Shortlister website here so you know what to expect and be ready.  

During the video interview, we want to see more of your individual personality and why you’re keen to join us. We also look for other key attributes, such as being client centric, committed to driving high standards, commercially minded and being collaborative.  

Stage 3 – Chinese Written Task

The next stage is to complete a written task which will involve writing in both Chinese and English. These elements will help us understand your reading and writing skills and also demonstrate your analysis, commerciality and attention to detail. 

Stage 4 - Placement Scheme with Assessment Centre

Our final stage is attending our Placement Scheme with an Assessment Centre which be included within your programme.  

Our Assessment Centre includes a face-to-face interview and other exercises which are designed to assess our identified performance criteria. People come to us from a variety of backgrounds, with a range of views that combine to give us our distinctive perspective on the law – our assessment centre is designed for you to showcase your best self and also for you to get to know us in return.

For more details on each exercise, see our ‘What do we look for?’ page.

Reasonable Adjustments

We are able to make adjustments for those who require it so encourage you to get in touch with our Early Talent team if you think this might apply. It’s important to us that you have the right arrangements to perform at your best, so if you aren’t sure it’s always best to ask and we are happy to help.

For help on how to succeed at each of our recruitment stages, read our ‘What do we look for?’ page.

If you have any queries that you would like to raise with our Early Talent team, please contact us and we will do our best to help you.

Please remember that you will need to have completed the PCLL before starting of your Training Contract.


Applications for our 2024, 2025 and 2026 cohorts are now closed.


More tips for success

A selection of videos to prepare you for what is involved in the application process.

Watch here

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