Study Programme

We are partnered with The University of Law to deliver the Solicitor Apprenticeship Programme.

We understand it’s important for you to get the best teaching and support as you’ll spend 6 years studying alongside your work.  Our partnership with The University of Law does just that and we work closely together throughout the apprenticeship.

Whilst you will be working in our London or Guildford offices for four days a week, one day each week will be allocated to study with the University of Law. You’ll have a blended learning model where you study online independently followed by support in live webinars and from your dedicated skills coach. You’ll also have access to their Moorgate Campus which is a short walk from the London office, and easy to get to from Guildford (we will also cover the cost of travel).

Part-time LLB in Legal Practice and Skills

During your first four years of apprenticeship you will study towards an LLB in Legal Practice and Skills, on completion of which you will be awarded a law degree.  This course will also teach you the foundational knowledge for the Solicitors Qualifying Exams that you have to pass in order to become a solicitor.

Solicitors Qualifying Exam

For the last two years of your apprenticeship you will work towards the SRA’s new centralised assessment – the Solicitors Qualifying Exam.  This is sat in 2 parts and The University of Law will help prepare the content and skills to be assessed, alongside exam technique. 

During your final 2 years of study, you’ll also prepare your work-based portfolio of evidence as part of your apprenticeship end point assessment.

Programme structure

  Study subjects
Year 1
  • Semester 1: Common Law Method and Ethics
  • Semester 2: Public Law
  • Semester 3: Law of Contract
Year 2
  • Semester 1: Law of Tort
  • Semester 2: Criminal Law
  • Semester 3: Critical Approaches in Current Legal Issues
Year 3
  • Semester 1: Land Law
  • Semester 2: Real Estate
  • Semester 3: Business Law 1
Year 4
  • Semester 1: Equity and Trusts
  • Semester 1 and 2: Access to Justice and Legal Services
  • Semester 2: Criminal Litigation and Evidence
  • Semester 3: Civil Dispute Resolution

Obtain a degree at end of year 4

Year 5
  • Semester 1: Business Law 2
  • Semester 1 and 2: Wills and Succession
  • Semester 2: SQE1 Preparation - Functioning Legal Knowledge (FLK) 2
  • Semester 3: Skills Portfolio and FLK 2
Year 6
  • Semester 1: SQE1 Preparation - FLK 1, SQE 1 Bootcamp and Examination
  • Semester 2: SQE2 Preparation and Examination
  • Semester 3: LLM Key Practice Areas

Sit SQE 1 and SQE 2 in final two years of the apprenticeship



During your six years as an apprentice, regular assessments of your office-based work will be carried out to ensure that you are acquiring the necessary skills to qualify and practise as a solicitor. You will be required to build a portfolio of your practical work that will help you map and plan your progress throughout your apprenticeship. Your supervisor at the firm will help you work on this, and it will be reviewed regularly by an external assessor. 


As part of your study with The University of Law, a range of assessment methods will be used, including:

  • Exams: Two hours, ten multiple choice questions and two long-form questions
  • Coursework: Essay, project report or portfolio
  • Oral presentation
  • In Year 5 & 6 apprentices will undertake Solicitor Qualification Examinations which are arranged nationally by the Solicitors Regulation Authority. There will be a mix of multiple-choice papers and skills based assessments.

For more information on the study programme at The University of Law, please click here.



Frequently asked questions regarding the apprenticeship scheme.

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