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    Vision statement

Our future Firm is diverse and inclusive.

It is diverse because we value equitable opportunities for all. It is diverse because, as a leading international law firm with a focus on private capital, we must reflect the ever-increasing diversity of our clients and intermediaries. It is diverse because we understand that diversity of experience and perspective drives creativity and equips us to deliver the best and most innovative solutions for our clients. It is inclusive because, for our Firm to thrive, everyone must feel empowered to be their authentic self at work.

We understand that to build this diverse and inclusive future firm, we must:

  • Pursue equity – recognising that different groups may need targeted support to ensure everyone has access to the same opportunities
  • Set ourselves challenging goals
  • Take coordinated action - including empowering everyone at the Firm to do their job in a way that drives diverse representation and supports our inclusive culture
  • Evaluate, measure and report - internally and to the market - our progress, being open and transparent about where we are doing well and where we must do better

We also understand that all of this must be led from the very top of our Firm, integrated into our governance structure and mainstreamed into how we do business and make decisions.

This is the genesis and purpose of our Future Firm Group, formed under the umbrella of our Advisory Council and co-chaired by our Senior Partner and Managing Partner.

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