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Dominic Lawrance



Charities & Not-for-ProfitFinancial ServicesPrivate Wealth


Private Client

Dominic’s specialisms are offshore tax planning, succession structures, tax regularisation (including the Liechtenstein Disclosure Facility) and philanthropy.

He has been working in the field of private client law for more than ten years.

Dominic particularly specialises in advising internationally mobile high net worth clients, many of them RNDs, on their estate planning and the structuring of their affairs for maximum tax-efficiency.

These clients include US nationals resident in the UK. He has a wealth of experience in establishing offshore structures and in advising offshore fiduciaries on the governance of such structures. 

Dominic has also advised banks and investment managers on their offerings to RND clients - what they need to do to attract and keep RND business, how to ensure that their arrangements for RND clients are as tax-efficient as possible, and how to deal with potential reporting/withholding obligations where UK residents are concerned. 

Such advice typically covers account structuring, investment selection and investment management

He is also a hugely experienced adviser in the complex area of resident non-domiciliaries.

Dominic is admitted to practise in England and Wales. 


  • Advised high net worth non-UK domiciled individuals on the steps they need to take prior to becoming UK resident. This includes identifying when they will become resident, possible steps to be taken to re-base assets, putting in place suitable account arrangements, identifying and disposing of unsuitable investments or “wrappers”, and funding the purchase of a UK property
  • Advised in a significant number of divorce cases where wealthy RND couples have wanted to ensure that the agreed financial arrangements would not give rise to unnecessary tax liabilities. Such cases frequently involve trusts or other entities
  • Dominic has assisted clients in a great many cases by establishing a charitable foundation and advising on the most tax-efficient way to transfer funding to it. Such foundations have included several ‘dual-qualifying’ charities for US/UK donors