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Fraudulent or 'scam' communication

Warning: bogus telephone calls

We are aware that, in common with many businesses, a number of fraudulent telephone calls have been made by someone claiming to be a Mr Johnson from Charles Russell Speechlys. This person has been calling individuals asking them for payments in order to release other monies held.

These calls are not genuine; they are not from Charles Russell Speechlys but are part of a scam where our name is used illegally and without authorisation.

Should you receive a call of this type, please DO NOT, under any circumstances, provide your personal details. If you have any suspicions, please call your regular Charles Russell Speechlys contact.

Warning: fraudulent or 'scam' letters, faxes and emails

One of the regrettable consequences of this firm's reputation, particularly in the Private Wealth and Private Client field, is that fraudsters regularly pretend to be part of, or authorised by, Charles Russell Speechlys LLP and in doing so attempt to carry out 'scams' or frauds.

A recent example is an email or fax, in English or another language such as Italian, giving the recipient some extraordinarily good news, such as the fact they are a beneficiary under the Will of the Late Sir John Paul Getty, or some other recently deceased and very wealthy individual. This is an improper use both of the firm's name and often specific individuals within it, whose names have been gathered from our website and used to lend legitimacy to such an approach. We would never seek to approach beneficiaries in this manner.

Attempted 'scams' almost always involve offering a large sum of money to the intended victim, such as an inheritance or unclaimed bank funds, either in return for paying a modest sum (often referred to as transaction fees or brokering costs) or requiring the victim's identity details.

We have also recently become aware of a different type of scam which involves a loan application form which purports to be sent by one of our partners. Applicants are asked to pay a substantial fee in advance of receiving the loan. This is another example of the firm's name being used without our consent.

If you receive any communication of this nature purporting to come from Charles Russell Speechlys LLP or one of its representatives, you should be extremely cautious about corresponding with the sender. It is highly unlikely that it originates from Charles Russell Speechlys LLP. We would advise against entering into any form of communication with the sender.

Please note that neither Charles Russell Speechlys LLP nor any of its members, employees, or consultants will be responsible for any losses incurred by any such fraudulent approaches.

More information regarding scams and frauds can be found at:

Solicitors Regulation Authority

British Metropolitan Police

US Federal Bureau of Investigation

Lastly, whilst we maintain a record of those attempted scans which are brought to our attention, there is little we can otherwise do to deter criminals masquerading as members of the firm. Your vigilance is therefore required and unusual requests purporting to come from the firm should be carefully checked and verified.