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Ready for take-off: navigating the legal framework around drones for business

Drones: Ready for take-off

Navigating the legal framework around drones for business

As drones continue to enter areas of our personal and professional lives, we are calling for greater clarity and education surrounding drone law, to help businesses realise the benefits of the technology, without exposing themselves to risk.

Our new research carried out by YouGov reveals the extent to which drones are taking off in business, despite poor knowledge of the rules surrounding their use.

  • One in three business decision makers (34%) say the technology is either already in use in their industry, or will be in the future
  • Over half (55%) of poll participants who predict the use of drones in their industry say they lack knowledge about the rules and regulations, such as in relation to security, privacy, aerial trespassing and personal responsibility

To find out more, download our proprietary report.

    Download the report    


For more information, please contact Jasmine Dillon Head of Marketing Communications on +44 (0)20 7203 5343.

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