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EU cookies sweep takes the biscuit

24 February 2015

On 17th February 2015 the Article 25 Data Protection Working Party (Working Party) issued a press release on website cookies compliance findings.

A survey of 478 websites frequently used by consumers has shown that whilst many website operators inform their users about cookies a high number of cookies are still being placed by websites, expiry dates of cookies are often excessive and finally websites still have “more work to do on providing information regarding information and gaining valid consent for their use of cookies.”

The sweep was carried out by six European Regulators and was intended to firstly carry out a statistical review of cookies used and their technical properties and secondly to carry out an in depth manual review of cookie information and consent mechanisms.

The outcome of the sweep is that the Working Party has reinforced its intention to monitor compliance with the EU cookies law and, in the light of recent enforcement actions against several websites, to strengthen their resolve that the updated E-Privacy Directive (which came into force in 2011) is strictly adhered to.

Companies that operate websites that interact with EU citizens should regularly monitor cookie usage on those sites and ensure that cookie notices are transparent and up-to-date.

This article was written by Robert Bond. 

For further information please contact Robert on 0207 427 6660 or robert.bond@crsblaw.com