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Consultation on fees: on-demand programme services

25 February 2015

Consultation on regulatory fees for on-demand programme services for the period 1 April 2015 to 31 March 2016

A consultation by the Authority for Television On Demand (“ATVOD”) - the Ofcom designated co-regulator for video on demand editorial content - is now in place in relation to the fees charged by ATVOD. Service providers must pay a fee to ATVOD for each on-demand programme service they provide and will receive invoices with respect to each notified service.  The definition of on-demand programme service is in section 368A of the Communications Act 2003.

The fees charged by ATVOD are the subject of a public consultation each year and are approved by Ofcom.  Under section 368NA of the Communications Act 2003, the aggregate amount of such fees must be sufficient to enable ATVOD and Ofcom to meet, but not exceed, the likely costs of carrying out the relevant functions during that year.  Any fee must also represent the appropriate contribution of the provider towards meeting those likely costs and must be justifiable and proportionate having regard to the provider who will be required to pay it and the functions in respect of which it is imposed.

The consultation seeks stakeholder views on options for setting the regulatory fees for on demand programme services for 1 April 2015 to 31 March 2016.  This year, ATVOD proposes a budget increase of 1.8%.

Respondents are requested to use the response sheet published with the consultation document and comments should be received by Friday 27 March 2015.