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The Score: Sports law update - May 2015

19 May 2015

The Score brings you our sports law team's latest published articles, exploring current legal issues in sport.


  • Premier League broadcasting and financial regulation
    In this article we consider how broadcasting revenue is distributed to Premier League clubs and those further down the football ladder, and consider what impact this may have on compliance with the financial regulations operated by UEFA, the Premier League and the Football League. (click here to read more)
  • Once a Brit, Always a…  Moldovan?!
    The ways sports tackle the international eligibility issue and the legal challenges they present. (click here to read more)
  • Sponsorship trends in sport
    We explore some of the key trends in sports sponsorship, notably the use of technology and data by brands and rights holders to target consumers and deliver stronger rights programmes, together with the legal considerations associated with the use of data. (click here to read more)
  • Update on Consumer Rights Act 2015 – Secondary Ticketing
    On 27 May 2015 new disclosure requirements for those reselling tickets and the marketplaces where such tickets are resold will be introduced by the Consumer Rights Act 2015. This article explores the implications for rights holders seeking to tackle the secondary ticketing market. We will be running a seminar on this topic in the coming months – further details to follow but please let us know if this would be of interest to you. (click here to read more)
  • Divorce/Separation – Protect yourself and your family
    In an industry where sports stars are often encouraged to settle down at a young age, and where the sums at play can be so significant, our Sports Private team have been carrying out a series of sessions aimed at providing advice on family arrangements. This articles outlines some of the key messages and considerations. (click here to read more)

If you have any feedback or queries on the issues raised, please contact the author of the relevant article or Jon Walters, Editor.