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World Wide Web foundation launches annual index

13 December 2013

On the 22 November the World Wide Web Foundation (founded by Sir Tim Berners-Lee) launched the second edition of the Web Index - the world's first multidimensional measure of the World Wide Web's contribution to development in human rights globally.

The event was launched in London where a large audience noted that the Scandinavian countries continued to top the rankings whilst the USA and UK are criticised for inadequate privacy protections notwithstanding that they came 3rd and 4th respectively.

The speakers at the event included Sir Tim Berners-Lee as well as Jimmy Wales, the founder of Wikipedia.

Apart from the Index highlighting that the web and social media are leading to real world change, there was concern about governmental intervention in censorship of web content as well as a lack of education as to the appropriate or inappropriate use of the web - particularly by children.

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