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Consumer concerns about data privacy rising

3 December 2013

A recent study published by McGraw Hill Financial Global Institute has founded that consumers fears regarding data privacy are growing.

McGraw Hill Financial Global Institute recently published a report entitled "Consumer Concerns about data privacy rising: what can businesses do?".

The report reviewed a wide range of consumers in the US, Canada and India about their concerns and perceptions regarding online privacy.

The age range of those interviewed were from 13 year olds to pensioners and the findings included:

  • all consumers have data protection concerns which seem to increase as they get older
  • when teenagers provide personal data online they more often than not falsify the information, and
  • consumers seem to have more faith in the law in protecting their information compared with the statistics for 1999.

If younger consumers falsify the information that they give when they are online then this does affect the validity of statistics obtained through Big Data Projects.

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