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Corporate Update - April 2015

9 April 2015

In the second of our Corporate Updates for South East businesses, we take a look at some of the wide ranging issues affecting businesses across this region in the articles below.
In other news:

  • Our office move last year has led to the establishment of the One London Square Business Forum. This had its inaugural meeting in February, where clients from Baker Tilly, HSBC and Charles Russell Speechlys participated in a lively and informative discussion with HSBC’s Chief Economist, Mark Beresford-Smith.
  • Following our kick off video games event in November last year, look out for our second 'Guildford Games and Technology' event in July together with our partner UKIE (United Kingdom Interactive Entertainment organisation).

Fracking - Here to Stay

Never a day seems to go by without there being some mention in the press of fracking (or otherwise known as hydraulic fracturing for shale gas). Richard Flenley and Natalie Deuchar discuss the need for Government to identify alternative energy solutions. Click here to read more.

Why a partial sale can deliver total benefit to shareholders

If you are a shareholder in an owner/managed business then at some stage during your period of ownership you may want to realise some of the value from your business whilst at the same time remaining involved in its future growth. Having created a successful business, the likelihood is that when you cast your mind back to when it all began you’ll remember all of the worries and concerns that each and every owner/director carries along with them. Click here to read more.

Social media - "Who owns the data?"

The growth and importance of social media is apparent, from Facebook, to Twitter to more professionally focused social networks such as LinkedIn.  All these social platforms play a key role in modern society and in the business world. Click here to read more.

Lack of governance 'stunts growth' of UK family businesses

Charles Russell Speechlys and Family Business Place published research representing a cross section of industries and turnovers, the survey discovers exactly what makes family businesses tick, the challenges they face, and their concerns for the future. The results will help family businesses, and the professional advisors who support them, to better understand how to overcome the barriers to growth and ensure success for future generations. Click here to read more.

This article was written by Geoffrey Sparks.

For more information please contact Geoffrey on +44 (0)1483 252529 or geoffrey.sparks@crsblaw.com