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Focus Antitrust - 29 April 2015

29 April 2015

In The News

CMA formally clears specialist insurance merger

The CMA has formally cleared the completed acquisition by Xchanging of certain companies comprising all of the European operations of Agencyport.  The decision confirms the provisional findings which were published last month, when the inquiry group of independent panel members examining the merger provisionally concluded that it would not result in a substantial lessening of competition.  Click here


Articles 101 and 102
  • The European Court of Justice has dismissed an appeal by LG against a General Court judgment that upheld the main parts of the European Commission's decision on the liquid crystal display (LCD) panels cartel. The ECJ agreed with the General Court that the Commission was entitled, in calculating the fine, to take into account sales of LCD panels made by LG to its parent companies. This was on the basis that those sales were to be regarded as sales made to independent third parties and not as sales made to entities belonging to the same undertaking, because LG does not form a single undertaking with its parent companies. Click here.
  • An Advocate General’s opinion has been issued which concludes that it is irrelevant how many consumers are affected when assessing the application of Article 101 to an agreement that amounts to a restriction of competition by object. Click here.

This article was written by Paul Stone.  

For more information please contact Paul on +44 (0)20 7203 5110 or paul.stone@crsblaw.com.