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Focus Antitrust - 25 May

Competition Weekly Email Alert

In The News

CMA fines fridge supplier £2.2 million for restricting online discounts

Fridge supplier ITW Ltd, has been fined over £2 million by the CMA for restricting dealers from offering online discounts.  The CMA found that ITW operated a minimum advertised price policy and threatened dealers with sanctions - including threatening to charge them higher cost prices for its products or stopping supply - if they advertised below that minimum price.  The CMA found that this policy constituted resale price maintenance because, by restricting the price at which its goods were advertised online, it prevented dealers from deciding the resale price for those goods.  The fine was reduced by 10% for ITW setting up a compliance programme and a further 20% to reflect savings due to ITW’s admission and co-operation with the CMA under a settlement agreement.  Click here.

CMA to refer Hain/Orchard merger unless undertakings given

The CMA has decided Hain’s acquisition of Orchard will be referred for an in-depth merger investigation unless acceptable undertakings are offered.  The CMA has found that the 2 companies are the largest suppliers of freshly squeezed fruit juice to supermarkets and other retailers, such as cafes, in the UK.  Click here.

CMA issues provisional findings in Clariant/Kilfrost merger

The CMA has issued its provisional findings in relation to Clariant’s anticipated acquisition of Kilfrost.  The CMA has provisionally found that the transaction could lead to higher prices for aircraft de- and anti-icing fluids, or a reduction in choice and quality, particularly in relation to security of supply.  Click here.



  • The CMA has provisionally found that the merger between Ladbrokes and Coral may give rise to competition concerns in a number of local areas where both parties have betting shops.  Click here.
  • The CMA has referred the Northern Rail franchise award to Arriva for an in-depth merger investigation.  Click here.
  • The CMA has decided to release undertakings given by the Performing Right Society in 1997.  This follows the provisional decision which was published in March.  Click here.

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