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Focus Antitrust - 22 June

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In The News

CMA requires divestments in records management merger

The CMA has published its final report in relation to the Iron Mountain/Recall merger, finding that Iron Mountain must sell Recall’s sites in the Aberdeen and Dundee areas.  Click here.

First collective opt-out action launched in CAT  

The CAT has published the first application to bring collective proceedings on an opt-out basis.  The applicant (the General Secretary of the National Pensioners Convention) has applied for a collective proceedings order permitting her to act as the class representative bringing opt-out collective proceedings against Pride Mobility Products Limited.  In March 2014, the OFT found that between 2010 and 2012 Pride entered into arrangements with eight of its UK-wide online retailers which prevented them from advertising online prices below Pride's recommended retail price.  Click here.


Articles 101 and 102

  • The European Court of Justice has dismissed a number of appeals against the European Commission’s calcium and magnesium reagents cartel decision.  Click here.


  • The CMA has announced that the anticipated acquisition by GTCR Canyon Holdings (Gorkana) of the PR Newswire business will be referred for a phase 2 investigation unless the parties offer acceptable undertakings. Click here.
  • The CMA has announced that it will consider in detail undertakings offered by Tullett and ICAP instead of referring their merger for an in-depth investigation.  Click here.
  • The CMA has published an open letter to suppliers and retailers, giving detail on different kinds of practices that can amount to illegal resale price maintenance, including the use of ‘minimum advertised price’ policies. It also warns suppliers and retailers that they can face serious consequences for engaging in illegal resale price maintenance.  Click here.

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