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Focus Antitrust - 17 February

17 February 2016

In The News

CMA fines pharma companies £45 million

The CMA has fined a number of pharmaceutical companies in relation to conduct and agreements between 2001 and 2004 in which GlaxoSmithKline plc agreed to make payments and other value transfers totalling over £50 million to suppliers of generic versions of GSK’s anti-depressant drug paroxetine. The CMA has decided that these payments and other value transfers were aimed at delaying the potential entry of generic competitors into the UK market for paroxetine. Click here.

High Court rejects claim that Google committed abuse in online maps case

The High Court has issued its judgment on a preliminary issue in the action by Streetmap claiming that Google’s use of a clickable image from Google Maps in search results amounted to an abuse. The High Court concluded that the use of the image was not reasonably likely appreciably to affect competition in the market for online maps. It also held that, if it was incorrect on this point, Google's conduct was objectively justified. Click here.


Articles 101 and 102

The European Commission is inviting comments from interested parties on commitments offered by fifteen container liner shipping companies in relation to their practice of publishing their future price increase intentions. The Commission began an investigation into this practice in May 2011 and was concerned that it may harm competition and customers by raising prices for liner shipping services to and from Europe. Click here.


The European Commission has approved the proposed acquisition of Procter & Gamble's beauty products businesses by Coty. The Commission concluded that strong independent players would remain active in all the concerned markets. Click here.



The CMA has published its response to the European Commission consultation on ensuring effective NCA enforcement. Click here.

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