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Focus Antitrust - 15 June

Competition Weekly Email Alert

In The News

Ofgem transfers price comparison website investigation to CMA

Ofgem has decided to transfer its Competition Act investigation into third party intermediaries/price comparison websites to the CMA.  Ofgem has found that it procured search advertising during the period under investigation and has concluded that a transfer to the CMA would avoid the risk of parties subsequently calling into question Ofgem’s impartiality in continuing with the case.  Click here.

CMA issues statement of objections to Ping for online sales ban

The CMA has issued a statement of objections to Ping Europe Limited, alleging that Ping has breached competition law by preventing retailers from selling Ping golf clubs online.  Click here.


Articles 101 and 102

  • The European Court of Justice has dismissed a number of appeals against the European Commission’s Spanish bitumen cartel decision.  Click here.

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