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African Union Convention on Cyber Security and Data Protection

6 August 2014

The African Union (fifty three of the fifty four African Nations, excluding Morocco) recently passed this Convention to harmonise legislation in the areas of cyber security and data protection.
The Convention requires each State Party to commit to establishing an appropriate legal framework.
The Convention consists of almost forty pages in which the document calls for regulation of electronic commerce and electronic contracts, regulation of personal data and the setting up of laws to manage cyber security and combats cyber-crime.
The Convention will undoubtedly mean an increase in data protection laws in the African Union and much like the law in South Africa it is anticipated that the laws will be influenced by the OECD guidelines, Convention 108 in the EU and the EU data protection framework.

This article was written by Robert Bond.

For more information contact Robert on +44 (0)20 7427 6660 or robert.bond@crsblaw.com