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From mobile payment systems to blockchain, the evolution of modern technology is transforming financial services.

The financial services industry is experiencing a wave of change and this is one we understand well. New technology, including FinTech and RegTech is creating new ways of doing business and dealing with the regulatory burden. 

There are considerable opportunities to diversify the way that financial services companies use technology, and we have significant experience in working with these, as well as start-ups and investors who are already taking advantage of these opportunities.

Our broad experience in working with financial institutions provides us with deep insight to advise on the regulatory issues for customers acquiring and developing technology in the FinTech space.  We can also advise you on the contractual, licensing and ownership aspects of technology and services in a regulated environment.

If you are unsure as to how the complexities surrounding the FinTech industry may affect you and your business, we are happy to provide a consultation session to help you understand the legal ramifications of the advances in the sector.


Our clients cover a range of FinTech areas, such as:


We can advise you on all business issues you may have, whether you are a leading financial institution or a start-up:


FCA authorisation

Advising a start-up peer-to-peer lending platform on regulatory issues and advising on their FCA authorisation.

Regulatory issues

Advising an alternative investment fund platform on regulatory issues and re-drafting their suite of documents and agreements.

Payment Services Directive

Advising a bank on the impact of the introduction of the second Payment Services Directive and the impact on the bank’s online security and fraud protection measures.

Social trading platforms

Assisting a number of social trading platforms on their set up in the UK.


Advising a key new European infrastructure provider on the use of distributed ledger (blockchain) technology in the post trade environment.

B2B platforms

Advising a B2B payment platform on regulatory issues.

Standard agreements

Assisting a leading FinTech company in reviewing their standard agreements as well as negotiating with correspondent banks in relation to the highly controlled processes with PCIDSS compliant credit card processing, and rigorous information security protocols including ISO27001.

Cloud based FinTech

Advising a cloud based FinTech reconciliation service on the design and implementation of an option scheme that allowed the company to grant both EMI qualifying and unapproved options that were subject to detailed vesting conditions.

Mobile payment apps

Advising a UK restaurant chain on the implementation of a mobile app streamlining payment in partnership with a leading payment services provider.