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The only ground for divorce is irretrievable breakdown of a marriage.  

Irretrievable breakdown can be proved in a number of ways including adultery by one or other of you (where it is admitted), unreasonable behaviour, two years’ separation and agreement to divorce, five years’ separation and desertion. The process will usually take about six months but it is usual not to finalise a divorce until you have sorted out how to deal with any financial claims and a sensible financial outcome is reached.

We will draft the necessary documentation to obtain your divorce. Wherever possible we shall try to agree the wording of the documents with your husband or wife to enable the divorce to move forward without delay and avoid offence.
If you have children one of the most important documents is the Statement of Arrangements for your children. The court will want to be sure the children's needs are adequately addressed before the divorce proceeds. We can help you make arrangements for your children.

If one or other of you live abroad, have lived abroad recently or are a foreign national it may be that you could obtain a divorce in another jurisdiction. We can advise you as to which country will be the best for you to divorce in. We have contacts with specialist family lawyers in numerous other jurisdictions and can liaise with them to ensure that you make the right decision. Nowadays choosing which country to divorce in can have enormous financial implications. It will often be critical to act quickly to protect your position and you should take advice as soon as possible.