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International Relocation & Foreign Travel

We have a particular expertise in international relocation cases. 

You may wish to move abroad and will need the consent of your child’s other parent or the permission of the court to relocate your child. You may wish to prevent your child from being taken abroad. We regularly advise and represent parents who are in either of these situations and have recently been involved in a leading case.
You may live in a different country from your child’s other parent. You may be nervous about your child travelling abroad to see their other parent. We have considerable experience in making such arrangements and ensuring that all the necessary safeguards are in place. If you live in England but your child lives abroad we can help you to reach an agreement or if need be apply to court to make arrangements for your child to see you. 

We have experience of dealing with children cases in numerous jurisdictions worldwide and have a network of specialists in those countries that we can call upon should we need assistance. We may need to identify which country’s courts are the most appropriate to deal with the case involving your children. This will usually be based on the country of your children’s habitual residence.

We can also advise on the detailed code which determines which UK jurisdiction deals with issues concerning children which is frequently invoked where children and one of their parents move between England and Scotland.