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As the number of those serving in the armed forces continues to significantly decrease, mergers, consolidations and other forms of working together are enabling armed forces charities to achieve more effective fundraising and use of resources.

This promises to be a feature of the sector for many years to come, as there remain a substantial number of charities with potential to become more effective through working with others, whether because of their size, beneficiaries in common or need to pool expertise. Tackling long term injury and the needs of those who recently served are increasingly features of the military benevolence landscape, as well as changes in what is regarded as appropriate care and how that is best provided. Significant anniversaries are approaching, which will have an impact on all armed forces charities which fundraise, and in particular for the educational and commemorative charities amongst them.

We have over a century of experience of advising military charities. We currently work with many of the major charities representing each of the armed services, undertaking work across fundraising and commercial contracts, governance, mergers and legal compliance. Many of our military clients, such as Greenwich Hospital, defy classification or work across the services and we make a special effort to get to know the unique spirit of each of charity that we act for.

Our services include advising on:

  • fundraising and trading
  • constitutional and governance advice
  • mergers and acquisitions of charities
  • NDPB status
  • intellectual property protection and licensing
  • data protection and freedom of information
  • reputation management
  • employment and pensions
  • property
  • tax, and
  • legacies.


  • We act for some of the largest military benevolent charities, including ABF The Soldiers' Charity, the RAF Benevolent Fund and the various naval benevolent funds within the Royal Navy and Royal Marines Charity group. 
  • Our heritage work has recently included the transfer of HMS Victory to the National Museum of the Royal Navy and various projects to commercialise or display some of the archive material of the National Army Museum and the Imperial War Museum, among others.
  • We also act for an extensive list of charities which provide amenities to those who are serving or who used to serve, and their families, including the RAF Central Fund, the Naval Service Sports Charity and the China Fleet Trust. In addition to this, we have done extensive work for the RNLI, one of the leading emergency services charities in the UK and Ireland. 
  • Charities involved in commemoration and remembrance are an important part of our work and we were involved in the construction of the Bomber Command Memorial and the establishment of its endowment.