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As a growing firm we are constantly striving to minimise our impact on the environment so we can operate as a truly responsible organisation.

Our carbon footprint

In 2013 we made great progress in our sustainability agenda. We were able to decrease our carbon footprint by 36% (from 1,392tonnes in 2012 to 1,211tonnes) by implementing a number of efficiencies in our operations.

The major part of this decrease was achieved through the consolidation of our office space. Making better use of our floor space, and eliminating empty desks, allowed us to vacate a floor in our building, cutting our energy consumption. Other actions that contributed to the decrease included introducing more efficient power saving printers on all of our floors.

New figures from the Legal Sector Alliance indicate that Britain's leading law firms cut their total carbon emissions by 1.8 per cent in 2013. With a footprint of 3.14tCO2/employee we are below the current industry average for law firms, which is 3.63tCO2/employee, putting us considerably lower than the LSA's benchmark of 3.9tCO2/employee (taken from their 2011 baseline).

Our focus is will always to be to reduce our carbon footprint wherever possible. However with a growing business and the opening of two new offices opening in 2013 and increasing international operations, it is not always possible to achieve reductions in all areas.

Carbon offsetting

To reduce the environmental impact of this growth, we are actively adjusting how the firm engages in business travel. We are embarking on a campaign to encourage the use of our video conferencing facilities as a sustainable alternative to business travel. Where travel is unavoidable, we are offsetting the environmental impact through investment in a carbon neutral project.

Our chosen offsetting project is Rimba Raya, which focuses on biodiversity conservation, community development and the protection of endangered species. This choice of project was influenced by our commitment to protecting the environment and supporting social mobility. ( Rimba Raya). Our offsetting will protect 4.6 hectares, the equivalent of 5.5 Wembley Stadium football pitches.