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Employee engagement with our local community is vital to the success of our CSR programme and we are happy to report increased engagement levels from 34% in 2012 to 37% in 2013.


As part of the firm's efforts to support diversity, we are committed members of PRIME, a not-for-profit organisation that believes in offering fair and equal access to work experience for all school-age students.

2013 was the first year we have taken part and we developed a programme of activities, run over two weeks, focusing on:

  • personal impact
  • effective communication skills
  • networking
  • shadowing lawyers, trainees and members of our support departments

The highlight for all 16 students taking part was the CV and interview clinic, run in conjunction with a recruitment company. We are now in the process of reviewing the lessons learned from 2013 and preparing for the next wave of students in autumn 2014.

Young People's Trust for the Environment (YPTE)

The YPTE is a UK-based charity encouraging young people's understanding of the environment through an interactive programme focusing on teachers and children.

The Charity Commission recently set up a new legal framework for charities. We assisted YPTE in converting to the new updated charitable status, and transferring all assets across to the new charity.

Medical Aid Films (MAF)

MAF saves the lives of vulnerable women and children in developing countries by providing innovative training and education through film.

We offered pro bono commercial advice to MAF to help them conclude an innovative film production and licensing deal with a global medical imaging company. The client had limited internal legal resources to deal with the complexities of the contract so we helped them achieve a win-win deal with the other party.

Prince's Trust

We provide regular interactive workshops for the Prince's Trust Enterprise Programme, which helps budding young entrepreneurs explore and test their ideas, write business plans and set up their own businesses, or achieve alternative outcomes in education, training, volunteering or work. The topics we cover include; protecting intellectual property, terms and conditions and how to handle disputes.