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Our Commitment

Our CSR programme is always looking for innovative ways to get staff involved with the local community. We see engagement as a key component of the success of our CSR programme and we are pleased to report that we have continued our year-on-year increase in engagement levels, which now stand at 40%.

It is important that the CSR projects we run are innovative, relevant and strive to meet both internal and external needs. It is important for our employees to feel they are working for an organisation that is invested in people, internally and in the community.

The volunteering projects which we support are designed not just to help others but to empower our employees and improve their hard and soft skills, including;

Public speaking Creative thinking 
Client management Communication skills
Increased legal knowledge Mentoring
Strategic thinking Networking 

Dedicated project leaders ensure that all of the activities in our CSR programme run smoothly and successfully. They work tirelessly to ensure their initiatives are engaging and successful in helping improve the lives of people less fortunate than themselves. Particular thanks are due to the project leaders who run the King's Legal Clinic, Life Matters and our Reading Scheme for the time and dedication given in 2012.

Fostering team working and collaboration is a major component of our CSR programme. In support of this aim, our CSR committee is made up of representatives from across the firm.


We understand that diversity is a strength and take our responsibility to build an inclusive, supporting work environment seriously. After only two years as a member of the Law Society Diversity Charter our numbers are already improving.

By embracing inclusion at every level of the firm Speechly Bircham reflects the diversity of the clients we serve.

Commitment to our employees

We support employees as workers and as individuals. We have policies and resources in place that help them grow professionally and improve their, and their families, health and well-being.

We aim to create a workplace that supports the development of employee talent. Our commitment to employee development and training is displayed by the hiring of a dedicated learning and development manager.


  • we have a new intranet that will allow consultation and information sharing throughout the firm improving the two-way flow of internal communications
  • we have a diversity committee, supported by members from the firm
  • in 2012 we launched a dedicated graduate recruitment site to meet the needs of students and graduates.